Blackstone Resources spins off holding company

The Swiss commodities company Blackstone Resources is spinning off its German battery division Blackstone Technology into the newly founded Blackstone Technology Holding AG. David Batstone has been appointed CEO of the new holding company.

The restructuring has already been completed, according to the statement, and the new holding company is based in Baar, Switzerland, as is the case with Blackstone Resources AG. “We have decided to contribute and combine Blackstone Technology GmbH with the production, research and development of the 3 D printing technology with Blackstone Technology Holding AG, Baar, a 100% subsidiary of Blackstone Resources AG. In doing so, we are giving the Battery Division of Blackstone Technology more autonomy and more possibilities for future investments,” explains Blackstone CEO Ulrich Ernst.

Blackstone Resources AG is full of praise for the new CEO of Blackstone Technology Holding AG, David Batstone, in the statement. Batstone is “a catalyst for positive change around the world”. Batstone is the founder and senior managing director of Just Business, an investment banking firm. Its sustainability-focused investments include American Battery Technology Company, Relocity and ReCharge Global.

“We look forward to using his extensive expertise and experience to sustainably expand and improve our expansion as well as our partners’ and customers’ network in the long term,” the statement said. “David shares our vision of an ecological and sustainable energy transition.”

Blackstone Technology had unveiled its manufacturing process for lithium-ion batteries from 3D printers at its plant in Döbeln, Saxony, in December 2021. The plant for series production was also started up in this context.


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