Zity car-sharing to expand to Lyon in March


Renault’s electric car-sharing service Zity, offered in Paris and Madrid, will also be launched in Lyon in March. Zity is not yet disclosing how many electric cars it will have in total, only that other cities are to follow.

Last year, the service was renamed “Zity by Mobilize” as part of the new electric strategy with the founding of the mobility brand Mobilize – but the company continues to call itself Zity in its press releases. The provider has a total of 1,300 electric cars in use so far, for which it recorded 1.5 million rentals last year, which is 7.5 per cent more than in 2020. Zity’s user base in Madrid and Paris grew to over 500,000 in 2021, with a total of 80,000 new registrations.

Javier Mateos, Zity’s CEO explained: “During the last two years, our main challenge has been to ensure the sustainability of the business while adapting to the new rules of the game imposed by COVID-19. The results achieved in 2021 show that the measures we’ve implemented since the reactivation of the service in May 2020, as well as our continued commitment to offering a flexible, safe and responsible transportation alternative, have been the right strategy to achieve a privileged position in both Madrid and Paris.”

For 2022, Zity says that one of its main goals is to expand its service to other cities. Lyon is the only concrete announcement so far; beyond that, only “other European cities” are mentioned. Whether Zity will also move to Germany is an open question, as not even individual countries are listed.

“After the success in Paris in just one and a half years, and given that Lyon is a market that offers many opportunities for the car sharing business, we believe that entering this city is another step towards becoming a leading player in shared mobility in France,” says Alexandra Caubet, CEO of Zity France.

Less than 12 months ago, in summer last year,  Renault’s new mobility brand Mobilize presented its upcoming projects for the next few years. In terms of car sharing, Mobilize made public that the Zity electric car-sharing service offered in Paris and Madrid will be brought under the new brand’s purview, renamed ‘Zity by Mobilize’ and expanded to other cities later this year. Zity also began integrating the Dacia Spring into its fleets last year.

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