BYD releases the 800-volt Yuan Plus in China

BYD has launched sales of the Yuan Plus in China, the first SUV model based on its ‘e-platform 3.0’ electric car platform. Although initially only available in China, the Yuan Plus is said to be the first BYD model developed for global markets.

The BYD Yuan Plus has an output of 150 kW and relies on blade batteries with LFP chemistry, which are offered with capacities of around 50 kWh and 60 kWh. The range with the smaller battery is said to be 430 kilometres, although not determined in the WLTP, but the somewhat weaker Chinese CLTC cycle. With the 60.5 kWh package, the range is said to be 510 kilometres according to CLTC. There is no information on the charging capacity.

Five versions of the BYD Yuan Plus will be offered in China starting at a subsidised price of 131,800 yuan (18,300 euros). The cheapest of the three variants with a large battery starts at 141,800 yuan (19,700 euros), the top-of-the-range version costs 159,800 yuan or 22,200 euros.

Interesting observation: according to InsideEVs, the two entry-level versions have the same equipment. Provided BYD passes on the cost of the larger battery to the customer without any surcharges or deductions, at 10,000 yuan for 10.56 kWh this would equate to 947 yuan/kWh or 131.53 euros/kWh.

BYD presented the vehicle at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November, and the Yuan Plus has been available for reservation since 1 January. Since then, more than 20,000 orders have been received for the 4.45-metre-long electric SUV.

After the Dolphin electric compact car, the Yuan Plus is the second production model based on BYD’s own e-platform 3.0. With the Seal electric sedan, of which a prototype was recently photographed, a third model is about to make its debut. Like the previous Han and Tang e-models, the Seal and Dolphin were developed with a focus on Chinese customers, although the Tang EV is also available in Norway.

The Yuan Plus, on the other hand, was designed as a global model from the very beginning. BYD partner Nexport now also offers the Yuan Plus in Australia, but here under the model name Atto 3. As the portal CN EV Post reports with reference to an Australian Nexport dealer, the Atto 3 is said to cost 44,381 dollars there – in Australian dollars this would correspond to 28,170 euros. Other sources quote a price of 44,990 AUD, i.e. 28,560 euros. The Yuan Plus will also be sold in Singapore.

In Australia, however, the Yuan Plus will not be delivered with the Chinese GB/T charging standard, but with a CCS2 socket. As InsideEVs writes, there is nothing technically standing in the way of export to Europe. However, BYD has not confirmed this step.


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