Siemens reveals AC/DC charging solution for fleets

In the USA, Siemens Smart Infrastructure has introduced a new charging concept called VersiCharge XL. The concept is designed to enable rapid large-scale installation as well as facilitate expansion and maintenance.

The concept was developed in 2021 and is designed for the transition to electric car fleets and high-demand charging applications. Siemens says the VersiCHarge XL enables the rapid and efficient electrification of new or existing car parks and building structures using a modular, scalable design created in partnership with Nexii Building Solutions.

The VersiCharge XL concept builds on proven power distribution technologies such as those used in data centres and industrial facilities. The company says that the charging solutions enables charging electric vehicles with Level 2 (AC charging with up to 80 amps) or Level 3 chargers  (DC, fast-charging) in outdoor areas.

A prototype has been made in the Siemens Research and Development Centre for Electrical Products and eMobility Solutions in Peachtree Corners in the US state of Georgia. The company says installation took just three days. The company notes that the building material is manufactured by Nexii in the US and has comparable properties to concrete but uses significantly less carbon.

The new product is the industry’s first electric vehicle charging system to house all the components required to power EV chargers above ground in an enclosed, low-carbon structure, it said. This would eliminate costly and time-consuming construction work, largely reducing construction waste and environmental impact on site.

“The enormous growth of electromobility requires the easy and rapid expansion of a reliable and sustainable charging infrastructure. This specific concept shows how Siemens and its partners are working on new, innovative ideas to help support this growth in the U.S. market. Working closely with partners globally to meet local needs is very important to us and this cooperation embodies that spirit,” said Markus Mildner, CEO of eMobility at Siemens Smart Infrastructure.


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