Copenhagen Airport to install 1,350 charging stations


Copenhagen Airport (CPH) plans to build 1,350 charging stations for electric vehicles within the next ten years. The majority of these will be AC charging points, but HPCs for short-term parkers are also planned.

The agreement now signed with the Danish energy company EWII stipulates that the charging stations will be built in cooperation with ZAPP Mobility, ABB and Monta. The plan is to install 1,320 AC charging stations with 22 kW power and 30 DC chargers with at least 180 kW. Of these, 180 of the AC chargers and 15 of the DC chargers are to go into operation before the end of 2022.

While the AC charging points are primarily intended for passengers and privately-owned electric cars, the 180 kW charging points are to be attractive for two target groups: short-term parkers who bring relatives to the airport or pick them up there, and electric taxis that also transport passengers. Therefore, the HPCs are also to be built primarily in these areas so that they are accessible to the target groups.

The CPH airport has 14,000 parking spaces, which means that around ten per cent of all parking spaces will be equipped with a charging station in the future. Around 83,000 passengers per day used Copenhagen Airportefore the Corona crisis began in 2019.


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