eMobility update: Audi A6 Avant e-tron concept ++ More details on BMW i7 ++ Allego completes IPO in New York

Welcome to this eMobility Update. The news today: Audi presents A6 Avant e-tron concept ++ BMW readies i7 ahead of Auto China ++ Allego completes their IPO in New York ++ As this is a new format, we’d appreciate your feedback and are open to sponsorship and networking opportunities.

#1 – Audi reveals A6 Avant e-tron estate

Audi shows the A6 Avant e-tron. The concept is near-series-ready, targeted for launch in 2024. Like the A6 saloon shown in April last year, the new Avant has Audi’s 800-volt technology that the company developed with Porsche. The two electric cars look very similar except the boot, which you’d expect in a station wagon like the Avant. Audi has yet to say how much the trunk can hold.

#2 – BMW to show i7 at Auto China in April

BMW will present the i7 in Beijing next month and says this electric car will be the most powerful in the seven Series. There are new teasers and more details ahead of the Auto China show. At its present stage of development, the i7 offers a range of around six hundred kilometres. The carmaker has yet to specify a battery size, but one-hundred kilowatt-hours seems likely.

#3 – Allego trading on NYSE as “ALLG

Allego has completed its IPO in America as planned. The company merged with Spartan Acquisition Corp. and now lists on the Stock Exchange in New York. Allego says it will keep focussing on business operations and expanding its charging network in Europe. Owner Merdidiam continues to hold a 74% majority stake.

Please note, there has been a correction. BMW will only show the i7 in China on 20 April and not this Sunday as stated in the show.


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