CTEK and Monta provide EV charging for UK businesses

Sweden’s CTEK and Monta have teamed up to support businesses wanting to install EV chargers in the UK. Together they will help to install, manage, and monetise company EV charge points and offer a complete package.

CTEK is responsible for delivering hardware with software coming from Monta. Alok Dubey, UK Country Manager at Monta, said, “Combining the software of Monta and hardware of CTEK means business owners get an end-to-end solution with minimal fuss.”

The joint package will provide businesses with smart queueing, reservation, and load-balancing features. Plus, as the charge points are open protocol, any make or model of EV can use the chargers, said the companies.

“We believe there’s a real gap in the market for UK businesses to start offering EV chargers, which is why we’ve partnered with CTEK to provide a service that streamlines and manages the entire process,” Dubey added.

The partners estimate that the number of plug-in cars in the UK grew by 280% between 2019 and 2021, while the number of public charge points increased by less than 70%.

Cecilia Routledge, Global Director Energy & Facilities at CTEK, said they needed to keep up with the pace of EV demand. “Monta’s intelligent charging features, as well as its ability to embrace open charge points, were important factors for us when deciding to team up,” she said.

Monta connects business owners with manufacturers and installers to help provide EV charge points. The Danish start-up closed a 15-million-euro financing round only in January as reported. Their pitch: user-friendliness and automation with playful elements. Drivers can, for example, visualise their CO2 emissions or the use of renewable energies, and the graphically simple display is intended to take away range anxiety.

Businesses benefit from the aforementioned features such as smart queueing, reservation, and load-balancing.

While not explicitly stated in today’s news, CTEK chargers for companies offer said load balancing that protects the company’s power grid from overload. They also provide RFID tags for employees to use their ChargeStorm AC wall box.



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