Paris cuts down on traffic to battle air pollution

Image: Pixabay

Due to high particulate matter pollution, Paris ordered extensive restrictions on car traffic on Saturday. Cars with an environmental badge number 2 and higher (Euro 4 petrol and worse, diesel with Euro 6 and worse) are no longer allowed to drive in the area inside the Paris ring road A86 – probably for a few more days.

Unlike their pollution-producing counterparts, electric and hybrid cars still have free passage through the French capital. Limits on which vehicles are allowed are not the only ones, however, as speed limits are also affected: Now, a maximum speed of 110 km/h is allowed on motorways normally limited to 130 km/h, with 110 km/h relegated to 90 km/h and 90 km/h down to 70 km/h. The measures are to remain in place “until the end of the air pollution episode”, which is expected to last several days.


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