New tariff system for Mercedes me Charge

From June 2022, there will be a new tariff system for the approximately 300,000 charging points of the Mercedes me Charge network in Europe. In future, three new charging tariffs will be offered that are tailored to individual driving performance.

Mercedes says tariffs are called S, M and L. Mercedes me Charge S is aimed primarily at occasional chargers, saying that the S tariff is particularly interesting for customers who mainly charge at their own wallbox at home or their employer’s and only occasionally want to use the convenience and access to one of the largest charging networks. There is no monthly basic fee, but the charging costs depend on the conditions of the respective charging network operator. Users should therefore inform themselves about the exact requirements before each charging process. Ionity charges an ad-hoc price of €0.79/kWh.

The M tariff is intended for “normal chargers”; Mercedes specifies urban commuters as the target group – i.e. customers who frequently charge on the road and prefer fixed and predictable costs for the charging process. The tariff costs 4.90 euros per month. At an AC charge point, 0.39€/kWh is charged, plus a standing charge of 0.06€/min from the 180th minute. DC charging (including Ionity) costs 0.49€/kWh, and the blocking fee is 0.20€/min from the 60th minute.

The L tariff is therefore aimed at frequent drivers who charge more often on the road – whether on long journeys or because they do not have their own wallbox. The basic monthly charge is 17.90 euros. For AC charging, 0.33€/kWh is still charged – with the special feature that no blocking fee is charged between 9 pm and 8 am. This means that only the charging costs are charged at night, which can be attractive for lantern parkers. For DC charging, the tariff is 0.39€/kWh; the blocking fee corresponds to the M tariff – here, the price is also charged at night. Charging with Ionity costs 0.35€/kWh.

For customers who buy a plug-in hybrid from Mercedes, the M package is included for one year, so there is a saving of 58.80 euros in basic charges. BEV customers can use the L package for one year without basic fees, resulting in an advantage of 214.80 euros. Otherwise, there is only one model-specific difference: With EQS, the charging costs at Ionity stations are included for one year from service activation.

Mercedes-Benz expects the tariff model – particularly the fixed kilowatt-hour prices for the M and L tariffs – to provide “maximum cost clarity at public charging stations”. “From June, we will be offering our customers an improved service at the approximately 300,000 Mercedes me Charge charging points in Europe. Depending on their driving profile, customers will be able to choose the right Mercedes me Charge tariff for them and thus plan their charging costs more clearly and concretely. The new Mercedes me Charge tariffs give our customers convenient access to a sustainable charging infrastructure for electrified vehicles in Europe,” says Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, responsible for Marketing & Sales.

Reporting by Sebastian Schaal, Germany


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