Tesla has started accepting orders for the Roadster


Tesla has reopened reservations for its Roadster. The new Tesla Roadster is to be produced at the recently opened Giga Texas from next year. The only thing is that remains unclear is exactly what customers will have to pay in the end.

In the USA, two down payments are necessary: 5,000 dollars are due directly at the time of ordering, and 45,000 dollars must be transferred within ten days. “Reservations are only valid after we have received the bank transfer,” says Tesla.

In Germany, the procedure is the same, although the prices differ: 4,000 euros are due by credit card directly at the time of pre-ordering, after which 39,000 euros must be paid to Tesla by bank transfer within ten days. This brings the total down payment in the USA to 50,000 dollars or the equivalent of 46,200 euros, while in Europe only 43,000 euros are paid. In China, pre-orders are possible after a deposit of 332,000 yuan (48,200 euros).

What the Roadster 2 will cost in the end is also not clear from the pre-order pages. When Tesla presented the second generation of the Roadster in 2017, a ‘Founders Edition’ could be pre-ordered for 250,000 dollars – but at the time, the entire amount had to be transferred at once.

At the presentation – the event was actually about the Semi electric truck, before a prototype of the Roadster drove out of the trailer at the end of the show – the year 2020 was mentioned as the start of production. Subsequently, not only the production of the Roadster but also of the Semi were postponed further and further. In September 2021, Elon Musk stated that the Roadster should be delivered in 2023 – on the condition that 2022 would “not be a mega drama”.

Giga Texas, which opened in early April, is currently producing the Model Y with 4680 battery cells and the structural battery pack. At the opening ceremony, themed ‘Cyber Rodeo’, Musk said that in 2023 the factory will also build the Cybertruck, Semi and Roadster.

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