Porsche & Audi start charging alliance in Japan

Porsche and Audi have established a “Premium Charging Alliance” in Japan, through which BEV customers of the brands will be able to use the fast-charging stations of both companies from July 2022. These will be located at both dealerships and in city centres.

According to Porsche, customers will then be able to use 50 Porsche turbochargers at 41 locations nationwide, as well as 52 charging units from Audi Japan, making 102 charging stations in total. Of the Porsche charging stations, 37 charging columns are in operation at 33 Porsche centres (out of 45 across Japan). In addition, there are seven locations with a total of twelve charging columns “as part of the urban charging infrastructure, including one at the Porsche Experience Center”.

Currently, Porsche’s CHAdeMO charging points offer an output of up to 90 kW. By the summer, the devices are to be upgraded to an output of 150 kW. This should allow a Porsche Taycan to be charged to 80 per cent in 24 minutes. Based on the charging window of ten to 80 per cent for the net 83.7 kWh Taycan battery, this corresponds to an average charging power of 147 kW. The Taycan with CHAdeMO can therefore charge for almost the entire 24 minutes at the full charging power of the charge points. Even in Europe, the Taycan can now maintain the maximum charging power of up to 270 kW with CCS for much longer.

“Japan shows a lot of commitment to develop the public charging network, however, we believe the charging speed itself is not quite fast enough,” says Michael Kirsch, CEO of Porsche Japan. “Porsche sees itself as a pioneer in the domain of rapid charging. With the Premium Charging Alliance, we aim to join forces with other companies that also provide fast charging, meaning our customers spend less time charging their cars, finding more suitable locations and making driving electric vehicles more convenient.”



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