UK: Skoda cuts Enyaq 60 due to supply issues

Skoda has dropped the Enyaq 60 with the small battery from its UK line-up. A spokesperson cited high demand as well as supply chain issues due to the war in Ukraine but added it was an interim measure. Volkswagen’s Czech subsidiary had made similar cuts in other markets earlier.

The cuts follow VW having to halt MEB production in March as reported. Unlike the VW plants in Germany, however, that have since restarted, the assembly lines at Skoda’s main plant in Mlada Boleslav continue to stand still.

When announcing the news in late March, VW expected production of the Skoda Enyaq iV to resume “in the course of the coming weeks”, but added this would impact availability for a time to come.

Now in the UK, Skoda removed the Enyaq 60 from the configurator. The EV used a 58kWh battery for a range of 256 miles. Priced from £34,510, it was eligible for the government’s plug-in car grant until the £1,500 cash saving threshold was lowered to a maximum of £32,000 in December 2021.

The remaining available trims with the larger 77kWh battery start at prices of £40,970 for the Enyaq 80 and £47,875 for the four-wheel-drive Enyaq 80x SportLine model.

“Due to high customer demand and component supply challenges, we have temporarily taken the 60 off sale whilst we manage order take,’ a spokesperson for Skoda UK told Car Dealer Magazine. “The 80 is still on sale, and [there are] no plans currently to take it off.”

However, with a backlog of orders building up, delivery times are nearing 18 months.

In Germany, Skoda had cut the two variants with a smaller battery, the Enyaq iV 50 and 60, and the all-wheel-drive model with a large battery, the 80x. The Enyaq iV 80, the best-selling model, and the Enyaq Coupé can still be ordered without restrictions.

Volkswagen, Skoda and other carmakers have been hit by high demand for electric cars and simultaneous supply chain disruptions, first due to Covid and the ongoing war in Ukraine.,


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Miss N. Fraser-Smith
28.04.2022 um 23:34
Dear Sir. I placed an order for an Enyaq IV 80 Lounge specification on 30th January 2022. Can you give me any information on when it will be delivered?
Steve Ince
16.06.2022 um 18:47
Hi. We ordered a 60 early September 2001 and took delivery second week of April 22. Not great but the car is. Worth every penny and every day wated.
Steve Ince
16.06.2022 um 18:49
Oops! That should have said 2021 and 2022. 8 months not 22 years!
Graham Dobson
30.04.2022 um 17:35
I ordered an Enyaq 60 in November 2021 what is the delivery date
28.07.2022 um 09:30
We ordered an Enyaq 80 lounge in March 22 and hear nothing from the dealer at all ,they don't even reply to emails. Does anyone know if Skoda have a plan to get back on track? From the unofficial Enyaq Forum it looks like 13 to 15 months to me in which case I might as well cancel and buy something else.
31.07.2022 um 19:48
Hello, I have a fully loaded Enyaq 80 meaning every option added that was available…. I was lucky to have my car built with all options and Crystal Face. My car took just over 12 month from order to supply.Wait for your Enyaq it is truly worth it
17.08.2022 um 01:45
Enyaq iv60 ordered mid Dec ‘21. Just been informed that it’s due for construction at build week 37 (Sept. 12), and will be delivered some 6 weeks later, giving an approximate collection date during wk commencing 24 Oct ‘22. That’s about the same period that I waited for my first Yeti in 2009-10. This will be my fifth Skoda, haven’t looked at any other make since my first one, more than satisfied with the marque, but not the present dealership who tried to dissuade me from going electric in the first instance, and have failed to keep their promise of monthly updates.

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