Mobilize targets 700,000 EVs by 2030

Renault’s mobility brand Mobilize aims to double its leasing fleet financed by Mobilize Financial Services by 2025 and grow to one million electric vehicles by 2030. These are to make up 70 per cent of the fleet and generate 20 per cent of Renault Group’s turnover.

Mobilize aims to increase the fleet size for mobility providers to between 150,000 and 200,000 vehicles by 2030, 80 per cent of which will be electric. Mobilize expects up to 165,000 new charging stations in 2030, up from 22,000 charging stations in 2021.

The company announced these key figures at its “Mobilize Day” investor event. Mobilize CEO Clotilde Delobs said: “Mobilize sells services, not vehicles, generating recurring income and reducing costs of usage for our customers. We have decided to cover the sections of the mobility value chain presenting the highest growth and margin potential. That’s why, with the VaaS model and leveraging an integrated software ecosystem, we are offering a range of services that includes financing and insurance solutions as well as energy and maintenance services. Vehicles are becoming service platforms, enabling to triple the revenue generated over their lifecycle.”

Mobilize hopes that the upcoming models will provide the greater impetus for its own business: in 2023, the French company wants to launch the “first version of a software-defined vehicle”. This will then be the basis for “all kinds of services for both commercial and private customers”.

Mobilize says it will continue to develop its own all-electric vehicles specifically designed for “shared and intensive use”. These specialised Mobilize vehicles are expected to provide fleet operators with significantly lower overall costs as the design of the vehicles is optimised for ease of maintenance and repair.

These vehicles are aimed at drivers and operators of taxi and shuttle fleets. The vehicle leasing is designed for private customers and companies with small to medium-sized fleets. In the course of the Investor Day event, Mobilize also announced that it will expand its service offering to the last mile delivery market, but has not yet revealed further details.


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