Microlino Pioneer Series unveiled


Micro Mobility Systems has launched the first edition of Microlino. The limited ‘Pioneer Series’ comprises 999 light electric vehicles that will roll off the lines in Turin, Italy.

All Pioneer Series Microlinos have a 10.5 kWh battery for a range of up to 177 kilometres and come in two colours exclusive to the launch edition: Atlantis Blue and Torino Aluminum. The Microlino is scheduled to launch on May 24 at Micro Mobility’s new assembly in Turin. The production partner is CECOMP.

Once ramped up, Micro Mobility Systems expects to make one Microlino every 20 minutes before capacity levels off at about 7,500 each year.

The first 999, however, are reserved for early supporters – Micro Mobility showed the first concept in Geneva six years ago and took reservations. 999 is also “a homage to our first innovation, the Micro Scooter” that founder Wim Ouboter invented in 1999, so the company.

More than 80 per cent of the individual parts of the Microlino are manufactured in Europe, most of them in Italy. Micro Mobility Systems presented the series version of the Microlino 2.0 last year. The electric light vehicle will be available in the three editions Urban, Dolce and Competizione and with three battery versions for a range of 95, 175 and 230 kilometres, respectively. The Pioneer Series carries the mid-range battery. The large battery won’t be available before summer. Classed as an L7e vehicle, the Microlino weighs less than 500 kilos and can drive at speeds up to 90 kph. The boot capacity is 230 litres.

The start of series production had been delayed repeatedly, most recently due to supply chain issues. Previous problems also saw Micro Mobility Systems fighting Artega in court. Artega, initially a production partner, now works to bring its version of the electric bubble car to market, but the companies managed to settle out of court as reported. (launch event)


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