May 17, 2022 - 02:30 pm

Delaware extends Clean Vehicle Rebate Program

In the USA, the state of Delaware has announced that the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control is extending the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program through the end of the year, providing rebates for drivers switching to electric vehicles.

The programme has been going on since July 2015 and has issued almost 2,500 rebates since the programme began. The current program was set to expire on June 30. In the new programme, rebates for the purchase or lease of electric vehicles will include $2,500 for battery electric vehicles, including vehicles with range extenders, with a total vehicle price of $60,000 or less and $1,000 for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with a total vehicle price of $60,000 or less.

Delaware’s programme also includes provisions for charging infrastructure, as the ‘Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Rebate Program’ pays up to 90 per cent of the cost of the charging station, with a max amount of $3,500 per port/$7,000 per station for public properties, fleets and multi-unit dwellings.


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