Skoda is manufacturing MEB battery systems in Mladá Boleslav

Skoda has started manufacturing battery systems for fully electric vehicles based on the Volkswagen Group’s modular electric drive system (MEB) in Mladá Boleslav. This is a further step towards the eMobility production network.

The Czech carmaker’s main plant is now the second production facility for MEB battery systems in Europe, alongside Braunschweig. In future, around 250 employees will be able to assemble more than 250,000 MEB battery systems for electric cars of the Skoda, VW, Audi and Seat brands annually at the newly established production line.

“This means we have achieved another goal towards our successful transition to electromobility,” says Michael Oeljeklaus, Board Member for Production and Logistics at Skoda Auto. And he continues: “Our objective is clear: we want to produce E-components or E-vehicles at all three Czech plants by 2030.”

The 250,000 MEB battery systems per year will not last long, as Christian Bleiel, head of component production at Skoda Auto, explains: “We will be reaching the next milestone at the end of 2023 when we bring the second expansion stage online, enabling us to produce more than 380,000 battery systems a year in total.”

The smallest version, which is built at the Czech headquarters, has a gross energy content of 55 kilowatt hours (kWh) with eight modules. The medium version with nine modules comes to 62 kWh and the largest battery with twelve modules to 82 kWh. In addition to the modules, which each contain 24 cells, the components of an MEB battery system also include a battery housing with an integrated cooling system, a battery management system and the necessary electrical connections.


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