UK prices for Ami and My Ami Cargo revealed

Ami Citroen UK

Citroën UK has revealed pricing and specification details for the Ami electric quadricycle and its light goods variant, My Ami Cargo. The passenger version is offered in three trim levels from £7,695, the My Ami Cargo in a single specification, priced at £7,995.

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The Ami was first revealed in February of 2020, based on the Ami One Concept from 2019. The light city vehicle was designed to require no driving licence (but does in the UK), and is meant to offer a more inclusive covered electric vehicle for urban areas.

Just over a year ago, with My Ami Cargo, Citroën introduced a cargo variant of its super low-cost Ami light electric vehicle for delivery services and other urban uses. In contrast to the passenger vehicle, My Ami Cargo, replaces the passenger seat with a modular cargo box that offers 260 litres of storage space.

The specs for both the urban cargo and passenger vehicles have remained the same since launch: a battery with a capacity of 5.5 kWh is supposed to be enough for a range of over 46 miles or 75 kilometres. The cost, space and energy-effective vehicle has a maximum speed of 45 km/h. The delivery vehicle is just 1.39 metres wide and 1.52 metres high with a turning circle of 7.20 metres. The passenger version is now being offered in the UK with a choice of three Colour Packs in three trim levels – ‘Ami’, ‘Ami Pop’ and ‘Ami Vibe’. While the Ami is going for prices starting at £7,695.00, the Ami Pop comes with a tag for £8,495.00 and the Ami Vibe trim level for £8,895.00. As also mentioned above, the UK price for My Ami Cargo is £7,995.00.

In the UK, a full ‘Category AM’ driving licence is the minimum requirement to drive Ami. While Ami and My Ami Cargo to be sold online through Citroën’s dedicated Ami digital platform, the mother Stellantis group reports that over 2,000 reservations have already been received.

Eurig Druce, Citroën UK’s Managing Director, said: “These exciting new quadricycles showcase the way the Citroën brand brings innovation, electric mobility and clever design to the widest possible range of people, offering customers a radically different take on urban transport. What’s really exciting is that we are launching Ami in the UK due to huge demand from the public – it’s a perfect example of our ‘Power to the People’ thinking.”

Update 15 June 2022

After the announcement of UK pricing and specifications for the Ami electric quadricycle and its light goods variant My Ami Cargo a few weeks ago, Citroën UK has now revealed the first retail consumer offer available for the Ami. Customers can pick up an Ami electric quadricycle for £19.99 per month on Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), over 24 months, with a customer deposit of £2,369, plus an optional final payment to purchase the vehicle at the end of the contract.

Throughout the rest of June and July, customers who have already reserved an Ami or My Ami Cargo with a £250 refundable reservation fee, will be able to convert their reservations into firm customer orders, for delivery beginning later this summer.

“Having Ami in the UK is crucial, bringing our ‘Power to the People’ brand positioning to life – emphasising that Citroën offers every kind of electric for all kinds of people,” said Citroën UK’s Managing Director, Eurig Druce, adding: “To be able to offer a fun and fabulous all-electric urban transport solution like Ami for just £19.99 per month is something we are really proud of – it is another example of Citroën at its very best, delivering affordable electric mobility for all.”


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