EB Charging to install 600 EV chargers at Q-Park facilities


Parking space operator Q-Park has announced a deal with EB Charging (formerly Electric Blue, now owned by Blink Charging). They aim to roll out nearly 600 charging points across 80 sites in the UK and Ireland. These will add to existing charge points in their facilities.

Q-Park says the new deal will also include modernising the existing charging infrastructure with hardware from EB Charging. Adding these chargers will nearly triple Q-Park’s existing network of over 250 public EV charge points across their asset portfolio. It comprises over 3,300 parking facilities with more than 640,000 parking spaces in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Ireland and Denmark. In March 2021, Q-Park had also announced that Franklin Energy would install 500 EVBox charge points in Q-Park facilities.

For the contract at hand, the works are due to commence this July and Q-Park is ready to invest three million pounds (€3.5Mn) into the 600 charge points. Adam Bidder, the company’s Managing Director, said that they undertook “a lengthy consultation process to ensure that we found the correct strategic partner to add value to our existing parking and charging proposition.”

EB Charging is known to work with UK authorities and businesses. The company claims 1,100 charge points installed or contracted in the UK for over 50 local authorities, NHS trusts, universities, colleges, schools and private businesses. Services include planning, installing and operating the chargers.

For the deal with Q-Park at hand, EB Charging will be responsible for installing the EV charging stations and subsequent management, including a 24/7 customer support service to Q-Park customers who park and charge.

Q-Park says there will be discussions on “future phases” once the deployment is completed.

In April this year, EB Charging was acquired by Blink Charging as reported. It was the US company’s entry into the UK market via its wholly-owned European subsidiary. Blink is listed BLNK on Nasdaq and says it has deployed over 30,000 charging ports across 18 countries.,


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