EVBox charge points to be used by Q-Park in the UK

Dutch charging infrastructure manufacturer EVBox has announced that 500 of its charging points will be installed at car parks in the UK. These will be supplied by the UK charging station operator Franklin Energy to the car park operator Q-Park.

EVBox says that the 500 charging points will be installed in car parks across the UK by 2022. This is supposed to help accelerate the transition to electric mobility in the UK, while the company says it aims to “revolutionise public parking management”.

The 500 charging points will include both the ‘BusinessLine’ model and the ‘Iqon’ AC charging point. Both of these charge points offer charging capacities of up to 22 kW. While the Iqon is a charging pole with a touchscreen and fixed charging cables, the BusinessLine is a very reduced charging point without a display, which is usually mounted on a pedestal.

This is not the first collaboration between Franklin Energy and Q-Park: Franklin has already installed 66 BusinessLine charging points at Q-Park locations, the first of which was in Liverpool in 2016. Since then, the ‘LiFe charging network’ has expanded to Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, York, Nottingham, Birmingham, and Belfast. The network can be accessed with their app and RFID cards that enable drivers to search for charging stations and pay for charging sessions. Franklin Energy CEO Robert Byrne says that EV drivers can receive up to 30 per cent off the regular price via a Q-Park charging card at these locations.

“At Q-Park, we’re always eager to be at the forefront of technological advances in our market,” said John Denton, Head of Sales and Marketing at Q-Park. He explained that the company has already planned the next phase of installations with Franklin Energy, which will include their first car parks in Scotland and Birmingham.

Franklin Energy says it plans to expand its charging network to 5,000 charging points by 2025, some of which will apparently continue in partnership with Q-Park. The parking space operator has a portfolio that extends to over 547,000 parking spaces in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Ireland and Denmark.



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