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Opel electric fire truck begins service


A fire-red Opel Rocks-e has gone into service at the Opel plant fire brigade in Rüsselsheim. The special conversion of the light electric vehicle is equipped with a special signalling system, front flasher and emergency numbers and goes out to check fire extinguishers on the 1.9 square kilometre site.

The Rocks-e is the smallest vehicle in the fire brigade’s fleet, but the fire-red livery, special signalling system, flashing front lights and emergency numbers make its purpose clear. The compact EV is equipped with everything needed for duty on the Rüsselsheim plant premises, with plenty of space available under the passenger seat and in the footwell for tools. Opel says that the zero-emissions quadricycle is fit for duty on the 1.9 km2 site, for example, to check fire extinguishers.


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