DKV Mobility integrates 285k charge points in the app

DKV Mobility, a B2B platform for on-the-road payments, now offers access to around 285,000 public and semi-public charge points across Europe. They integrated all charge points into the company app that many drivers know from fuel card services.

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Concerning electric transport, the DKV Mobility app now offers integrated route planning that considers vehicle type and battery status to plan a journey with charging stops.

The charging offer comes through DKV’s subsidiary GreenFlux. The German company reportedly acquired the Dutch firm in June 2021. GreenFlux is a platform solution providers for cloud-based electric vehicle charging. The solutions that Greenflux provides include centralized, hardware-independent EV smart charging functions such as charging station and charging card management, roaming, payments and charging processing.

“We are very pleased that we can now offer our customers access to around 285,000 charge points,” says Sven Mehringer, Managing Director of Energy & Vehicle Services at DKV Mobility. “This will give them access to one of the largest brand-independent charging networks in Europe and offer even greater flexibility to make their mobility more sustainable.”

DKV Mobility looks back at 90 years in the B2B business for company cars. Coming from fuel cards, the company has begun to integrate other fuel types and electrified vehicles. Digital services include refuelling and road charges, irrespective of fleet or vehicle size. DKV offers services for battery-electric vehicles and vehicles that run on LNG, LPG, CNG and hydrogen. The company claims 245,000 active customers.

DKV Mobility aims to become climate positive by 2023 and to support its customers in reducing the carbon intensity of their fleets by 30% by 2030 compared to the base year 2019.

Update 23 November 2022:

The mobility service provider DKV Mobility is expanding its charging service by 700 charging points in Poland through a partnership with Elocity. The 700 AC chargers will be installed in conurbations, mainly at office buildings and hotels.

The roaming partnership with Elocity was not the only addition this year: After announcing the expansion to 285,000 charging points in June, as reported above, DKV Mobility now offers access to around 344,000 charging points in Europe via its charging service., update:


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