Norwegian EV Association introduces charging card & app for all


The Norwegian EV Association has provided their more than 110,000 members with a charging card and app called Ladeklubben. With access to 300,000 charging points, Ladeklubben is one of the largest EMPs (e-mobility providers).

While among European EMPs some providers advertise numbers around 300,000 charging points, Ladeklubben is definitely the largest service in another respect: it is the largest charging solution built on Deftpower’s Automotive Charging Platform. Deftpower introduced the software-as-a-service platform in February 2021. The promise was that Deftpower could make it possible for anyone who wants to enter the eMobility charging market to set up their own charging app within 24 hours.

According to Deftpower, Ladeklubben is also the first independent EMP in Norway. The service is free for members of the electric vehicle association and allows them to find charging stations across Europe and pay for charging. These include the major charging stations from Ionity, E.On, Kople, Fastned and especially Recharge, Norway’s largest public charging network.

Christina Bu, secretary general of the Norwegian EV Association, says that electric car drivers often find it difficult to keep track of all the charging apps. “It becomes far too difficult to keep track of all the apps, is the feedback we get from EV drivers. They will not spend time registering with
many different charging companies but using a RFID-card to activate and pay for charging, they find practical. That is why we have established Ladeklubben.”


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