TotalEnergies to integrate Plug&Charge this year

TotalEnergies plans to implement Plug&Charge for compatible HPC charging stations at its service stations, starting in the fourth quarter of 2022, initially in France and later in other countries.

To kick things off, TotalEnergies and its partners Hubject and Alpitronic successfully tested Plug&Charge a few days ago at the St. Mathurin site in France.

Hubject’s Plug&Charge protocol has already been proven to work with the Alpitronic Hypercharger with introduction of Plug&Charge at Aral Pulse, whereby the first public test took place in September 2021, and the rollout at Aral Pulse was completed at the end of March. Hubject officially launched the Open Plug&Charge Protocol in February this year.

The Plug&Charge technology complies with the standard communication protocol ISO 15118, which aims to establish a bidirectional, encrypted and secure communication between the charging infrastructure and the electric vehicle. How exactly Plug&Charge works and what significance the certificates have in EV charging systems, is further elaborated upon in this article.

“By deploying Plug&Charge on our network, we want to make it easier and safer for users to charge their vehicles,” said Pierre Clasquin, Vice President EV Charge – TotalEnergies. “The electric mobility market is evolving fast, so it is important to develop and offer technologies such as Plug&Charge that facilitate the user experience and are key to ensuring the adoption of electric mobility.”


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