InoBat announces battery recycling success

Slovakian battery company InoBat Auto and its recycling partners have succeeded in proving that recovered active cathode material can be used in the production of new batteries.

InoBat says the performance of the batteries made from recycled materials is equivalent to those made from completely new materials. The Slovakian company says the development is an important milestone for InoBat, strengthening the company’s circular economy capabilities and ‘cradle-to-cradle approach’.

So far, InoBat has revealed almost nothing of the actual process involved in recycling active cathode material. On its website, the company states that its recycling process focuses on a unique “upcycling process that results in Cathode Active Material with higher performance than virgin material at a lower cost, whilst being able to achieve the highest standards of material recovery.”

Inobat CEO Marian Bocek says: “Today’s announcement is a significant milestone in our journey as we can now prove that, not only does our cradle-to-cradle approach work but that it works well, with the batteries produced from recycled battery materials performing in line with those produced from entirely new materials.”

InoBat is a very new company that was only just founded in 2019 and picked up a startling pace since then. Up until recently, the company was talking about cooperation with British-Australian mining company Rio Tinto in Serbia where the two companies were aiming to produce lithium from a mine planned by Rio Tinto as well as recycling operations. However, the recycling operations were tied closely to the success of the Jadar lithium mine, which was recently stopped. InoBat most recently announced it was teaming up with Green Lithium in the UK. Here, InoBat’s expertise in battery technology with Green Lithium’s plans to feed into the European supply of low-carbon battery-grade lithium chemicals is to help both partners install a “cradle-to-cradle” battery value chain in the UK that extends to recycling.

The company was founded on the idea of building electric vehicle batteries in a circular manner so that all of the materials used in the batteries are continuously recycled and made into new batteries when they are spent. InoBat already has orders for its batteries and big plans for the future, but with exactly which processes has yet to be revealed.


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