Silence introduces new range-topping model in the UK

The Spanish electric scooter manufacturer Silence has added the new range-topping S01+ model to its range in the UK. Based on the S01 Connected, the S01+ features a 5.6 kWh battery and a 7.5 kW motor.

The S01+ is capable of reaching a speed of 40mph in 3.9 seconds and has a limited top speed of 62mph. This can be boosted with the ‘Sport mode’ which offers faster acceleration and briefly increases the scooter’s top speed to 68mph when activated. The price for the new electric scooter starts at £6,795.

“Silence is a stylish and practical alternative to combustion bikes, whether you’re an individual, or business user,” said Tony Lewis, co-founder of Silence UK, adding: “Now with S01+, we’re adding extra sports style, for those who want their Silence to stand out from the crowd. Production of the S01+ is available in limited numbers so it’s very much first come first served!”

Early last year, Silence had entered the UK market, with four models ranging from £2,695 to £4,995. The lowest entry model was aimed at younger riders, being equivalent in terms of power to a 50cc scooter, running on a 2kWh battery and 1.5kW motor. This model features a range of up to 35 miles on a full charge.,


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