Silence scooters to hit UK streets

The Spanish electric scooter manufacturer Silence is set to hit UK streets this month. A four-model range will be on sale, with prices ranging from £2,695 to £4,995.

Initially, the electric scooter company aimed at B2B business models but shifted to direct sales last year. Silence advertises their model range as being capable of travelling up to a range of 91 miles, with acceleration from 0-30 mph being covered in 3.9 seconds. The battery that is both removable and portable battery can be easily charged in any household 240v socket.

In terms of competitive marketing, the company has a good edge with daily running costs at just £1 per 100 miles.

“The UK transportation market is changing at an unprecedented pace,” says John Edwards, one of four founders of Silence UK, adding: “The launch of the Silence family of class-leading electric moto scooters meets the demands of consumers and companies on so many levels.”

In terms of the different models, the models are mainly divided into three classes – flagship Silence S01 is ‘The Commuter’, the business-focused Silence S02 and S02 LS Long Range are ‘The Professionals’, while ‘The Starter’ is the Silence S02 LS (low speed) aimed at younger riders.

The S01 runs on a 5.6kWh battery and features 7kW (9kw peak power) motor deliver a range of up to 80 miles, 0-30 in only 3.9 seconds and a limited top speed of 62mph. Priced at £4,995 OTR. The S02 models are limited to a top speed of 30mph with a 5.6kWh battery and 1.5kW motor and a range of up to 91miles. The longer-range version of the S02 adds a 7kW motor to give a limited top speed of 56mph and up to 80miles range. These are priced from £3,595 for the S02 LS Long Range to £4,695 OTR for the S02.

Finally, the ‘The Starter’ is the Silence S02 LS (low speed), which compares to the popular 50cc band aimed at younger riders. The main features here are the speed limit at 30 mph while being more “budget-conscious”. With a 2kWh battery and 1.5kW motor, this model will travel up to 35miles on a full charge and is priced at £2,695 OTR.


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