Aptera Motors goes for EVE Energy battery cells


Aptera Motors, known for its long-range light electric solar car, has selected Eve Energy as a lithium-ion battery cell supplier. Aptera will utilise Eve’s 21700 NMC 811 cylindrical cells in its vehicle’s structural battery packs.

Aptera Motors from California began accepting advance orders for its three-wheeled solar electric car at the end of 2020. The ultra-light, long-distance car is advertised with ranges of up to 1,000 miles. Packed with cells from Eve Energy, Aptera says the structural packs will be produced in San Diego.

EVE Energy is a lithium battery company that uses its core technology and solutions for consumer, power, IoT, electric vehicle, and energy storage system applications. Aptera says its choice of Eve’s 21700 NMC 811 cells is based on its prioritisation of energy efficiency.

The solar-car maker says NMC 811 cells are one of the lightest and most energy-dense batteries available. The use of this battery contributes to Aptera’s ultra-lightweight vehicle, which it says is capable of high performance and extended range with proportionally less battery mass.

Aptera says that the deal with EVE energy “illustrates positive momentum, as Aptera continues to finalize crucial supply agreements with leaders of industry.” Aptera Motors recently announced a deal to source in-wheel electric motors from Elaphe.


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Michael Ribble
28.06.2022 um 19:35
Hemp will save the world
Daniel P Beyer
29.06.2022 um 04:35
How many Aptera vehicles have bern built??
Yuan Feng
25.02.2023 um 07:40
Not many....

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