MG4 to launch in Europe by year’s end

SAIC’s MG Motor brand will be launching its MG4 Electric compact electric car on European markets the fourth quarter of 2022. The company is now confirming the MG4’s technical data, as well as the MSP electric platform it is based upon.

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The MG4 – and the almost identical MG Mulan version recently unveiled for China – is the first MG model based on the new MSP (Modular Scalable Platform) platform from parent company SAIC Motor. The particularly flat battery is initially available with 51 kWh or 64 kWh capacity and is said to enable a range of up to 450 kilometres according to WLTP. Further variants of the MG4 Electric are planned, as is an all-wheel drive.

In combination with the larger battery, the electric motor transmits a maximum power of 150 kW to the rear axle, with the battery version with 51 kWh it is 125 kW. MG has not yet confirmed the electric car’s charging power, or which cells are installed in the “One Pack” battery since both LFP and NCM cells are offered in other models.

MG is now revealing a few details about the new battery pack itself. Since the cells are arranged horizontally, the entire battery is only eleven centimetres high. Thanks to a high degree of integration and a new cooling system, not only the service life should be particularly high, but also the protection against thermal runaway.

The platform itself can map wheelbases between 2.65 and 3.10 metres with different body styles – from hatchbacks and notchbacks to SUVs and vans.  MG Motor says that itis this flexibility that means the Modular Scalable Platform (MSP) can play a critical role in MG Motor’s growth strategy for Europe. MG does not revealed the wheelbase of the MG4, but it does name the other dimensions: the compact model is 4.29 metres long, 1.84 metres wide and 1.50 metres high.

In future, it will be possible to retrofit larger batteries in existing vehicles. “Under this design concept, theoretically, batteries ranging from 40 kWh to 150 kWh can be easily achieved,” says Zhu Jun, Deputy Chief Engineer of SAIC Motor. “It can meet the energy requirements of the A0 to D class models, providing users with flexible and diverse choices. Users can buy a small battery first, and then replace and upgrade when a longer range is needed.”

MG says the MSP architecture and related components are prepared for 800V technology: The drive unit with hairpin windings and oil cooling can also be upgraded from 400V to 800V to charge the battery even faster in the future.

Update 05 July 2022

MG Motor has confirmed that the MG4 EV will be launched in the UK in September 2022. Further details on the new MG4 EV will be released soon, including announcements on UK pricing and full specifications. MG Motor added that the MG4 EV will “initially available with battery capacities from 51kWh to 64kWh, the MG4 EV will be capable of between 218-281 miles range on the WLTP cycle”.

“Our new MSP architecture will enable us to offer multiple options for the rapidly expanding UK electric car market, with all choices reinforcing our reputation for outstanding design, market-leading technology, and excellent value for money,” added David Allison, Head of Product & Planning at MG Motor UK.

Update 08 August 2022

SAIC subsidiary MG Motor has announced the first prices for its MG4 compact electric car, which is due to be launched in Europe at the end of 2022. In Great Britain, the MG4 starts at 25,995 pounds and will be available in three variants.

The three variants include a base price version named MG4 EV SE Standard Range with a 51 kWh battery. The SE Long Range model with 64 kWh costs 28,495 pounds (33,860 euros), and the Trophy Long Range with the same drive but different equipment is listed in the announcement at 31,495 pounds (37,425 euros)., (update), (update II)


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