Jun 30, 2022 - 02:01 pm

GKN launches next-gen inverter for 800-V EVs

GKN Automotive has launched its next-generation inverter compatible with 800V electric vehicle technology. The company says the new 800 Volt inverter offers a 20 per cent power output increase over the previous version.

The next-gen inverter is one of three modular elements of GKN Automotive’s eDrive platform. The next-gen inverter is also compatible with existing 400V systems. BGKN Automotive forecasts the majority of electric cars on the market will utilise this technology by 2025.

In addition to a 20 per cent output increase, the automotive supplier says the power density is also up by 50 per cent, power-to-weight ratio rises by 60 per cent, and copper content is reduced by 63 per cent.

In July last year, GKN Automotive announced that it was accelerating its development of electric drives in response to the increasing global demand for EVs. At the time, the company said the future systems that utilise and harness 800-Volt technologies were already at advanced stages of development and being tested in real-world conditions.

Christoph Gillen, Director of Systems Engineering, GKN Automotive, said: “The performance we have been able to deliver with the new inverter is an important next step in our mission to drive a cleaner, more sustainable world, as we’ve been able to vastly increase performance and improve efficiency. We believe that the future of EV technology is 800V architectures, so it was crucial that this product supported an 800V range and I’m proud of what we’ve achieved.”



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