Tier & Remondis to extend battery recycling operations

Micromobility provider Tier Mobility and Remondis have agreed to cooperate on recycling lithium-ion batteries on a large scale. As a result, Remondis will be responsible for recycling the batteries from over 160,000 e-kick-scooters, e-bikes and e-mopeds from the current Tier fleet in 16 European countries.

Batteries that have reached the end of their useful life will thus be properly recycled. The raw materials they contain will be returned to the respective cycles as efficiently as possible.

“Proper recycling of lithium-ion batteries is crucial to reduce the environmental impact of our services while making an important contribution to securing the future availability of raw materials,” says Ailin Huang, Head of Sustainability at Tier Mobility. “The CO2 savings and substitution of primary resources greatly protect the environment and climate and alleviate the industry’s procurement pressure,” adds Lukas Wiedenmann, Key Account Manager at Remondis.

The partnership builds on an existing history between the two companies. Remondis from Lünen, Germany, has already been working with Tier since 2021 in the recycling of lithium-ion batteries. However, with the expansion into new markets such as Belgium, Spain, Israel and Croatia and the introduction of e-bikes in London, Berlin, Stockholm and Milan, both companies are expanding their partnership further. To minimise the environmental impact and ecological footprint of shared micromobility, Tier and Remondis aim to return valuable precious metals to the raw material cycle. These include cobalt, nickel, and manganese, but also plastics, aluminium and other electronic components.

The recycling of batteries is only to be carried out when repair is no longer possible, or the service life cannot be extended with a second-life solution. In these cases, the company has been working with Vertical Values for some time. Tier and Vertical Values have recently started working on reusing batteries before they are recycled.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Tier has adopted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a guiding framework and turned them into an agenda with clear goals for the company. “Recycling is part of the United Nations’ 12th Sustainable Development Goal: Sustainable Consumption and Production. Recycling our products is, therefore, a natural part of our efforts to drive real sustainability in the micromobility industry,” explains Ailin Huang.

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