Volkswagen launch Electrification-as-a-Service (EaaS) for fleets

Volkswagen Financial Services have launched the new ‘Electrification-as-a-Service’ (EaaS) in Europe to support the decarbonisation of large fleets. Customers benefit from a range of consulting and implementation from a single source across national borders.

VWFS is working with select partners to provide EaaS. Volkswagen can thus offer a modular system of coordinated services, from fleet analysis and vehicle selection to tailor-made financing and leasing offers and charging infrastructure. Fleet operators may choose all or some of the five modules, which VW designates as Vehicle procurement (e.g. full-service leasing), Fleet strategy, Fleet operations (e.g. charging provider, charging infrastructure, staff training), Technology (e.g. charge management, renewable energies, electricity storage), and Digitalisation.

Partners for the modules include services Volkswagen Group has been building for some time, such as Elli for energy and charging solutions or MHP Management- und IT-Beratung GmbH by Porsche Consulting) for IT services. Volkswagen Financial Services and Volkswagen Group Fleet International handle all matters relating to vehicle procurement and full-service leasing.

“For many of our fleet customers, converting their fleet to electric vehicles is a complex task,” said Sven Kunath, Senior Vice President Fleet at Volkswagen Financial Services. He added: “With EaaS, we not only support fleet managers in achieving their sustainability goals, but we also support the Volkswagen Group brands in the market ramp-up of e-mobility.”

At present, the offer is for existing fleet customers. Volkswagen aims, however, to successively extend to other markets such as France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, the UK and the Netherlands.

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Larry V Wolf
03.07.2022 um 19:56
It would be nice if they would just focus on getting some ID.4's built and shipped to America. My order is still saying "Leaving factory" and it's been like that for 5 months now (since February). Pretty soon it will be 2023 models and I will refuse my 2022 as it will be a year old by the time its delivered which is ridiculous.

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