Allego purchases European charging network Mega-E


Allego has taken out a purchase option for the pan-European fast charging network Mega-E. This means that the 100 Mega-E sites with almost 770 charging points that have been set up so far will now belong to Allego.

The announcement was made by the charging infrastructure operator when it presented its key figures for the second quarter. The takeover cost around 33 million euros in cash. The acquisition of the 770 fast charging points is “in line with the company’s strategic orientation” to focus mainly on fast and ultra-fast charging points.

Originally, Fortum Charge & Drive wanted to participate as an investor together with Allego in the EU-funded project, which was presented at the beginning of 2018, before Fortum withdrew. According to earlier information, under Mega-E (Metropolitan Greater Areas Electrified), 322 HPC sites, each with at least four charging points, are to be created by 2025.

“The addition of Mega-E enhances Allego’s position in fast and ultra-fast chargers, and together with a 9 per cent utilisation and 99.5 per cent up-time across our network, we provide a seamless experience for our customers,” said Matthieu Bonnet, CEO of Allego. At the time of its quarterly results, Allego had announced that the utilisation of its own charging points had increased from 4.6 to 9.0 per cent compared to Q2 2021. This corresponds to 4.5 charging processes per fast charger per day.


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