Tesla allowed to sell test Model Y units in Germany

Tesla is now allowed to sell vehicles that were manufactured during the plant tests at the factory in Grünheide and thus before the final approval decision. This is what the Brandenburg State Office for the Environment (LfU), as the responsible licensing authority, told RBB when asked.

In a preliminary approval from January 2022, Tesla had been permitted to build over 2,000 Model Ys in Grünheide – under the condition that they not be sold. According to the RBB report, Tesla then informed the authority in June that it nevertheless wanted to “sell some of these cars to end consumers”.

Tesla’s argumentation: the final notice of approval for the plant in Grünheide, issued in March, rendered all previously issued partial approvals superfluous. Thus, “the ancillary provisions contained therein are no longer effective”. The LfU now follows this line of argument. It is not known how many of the Model Ys produced in Grünheide in advance are to go on sale.

teslarati.com via rbb24.de (in German)


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