SVOLT to pay compensation to CATL

Chinese battery cell manufacturers CATL and SVOLT have settled a legal dispute. CATL had sued SVOLT in February 2022 after nine former CATL employees moved to two SVOLT subsidiaries.

These individuals allegedly breached non-compete agreements, according to CATL. Under the settlement, CATL will receive 5 million yuan (equivalent to about US$740,000) in compensation from SVOLT.

CATL had also sued its smaller rival China Lithium Battery Technology (CALB) last year for alleged infringements of its intellectual property.

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about „SVOLT to pay compensation to CATL“
Lic. Alejandro Mendoza Ramírez.
22.07.2022 um 14:24
Buenos dias. Interesado en sus publicaciones importantes para nuestras actividades. Gracias.

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