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Aptera calls on US congress to adopt supercharger plugs as US standard


Aptera has written a letter calling on the US Congress to adopt Tesla’s Supercharger and electric vehicle connectors as a standard, ditching the CCS and SAE J1772. “While electric vehicle technology has rapidly advanced, the charging standard in the U.S. has not,” Aptera wrote.

“CCS and SAE J1772, the US’s common standards, are clunky, cumbersome, and expensive,” Aptera added, who also has a petition running on their website to help convince Congress to favour Tesla’s charging system in their decision. Aptera argues that due to a study from Texas, which argues that Superchargers are more cost-efficient, Tesla’s proprietary chargers should be used as the new standard. “A Texas program recently disclosed that installing a Supercharger station costs just one-fifth of other networks.”

The company then goes on to calculate potential savings, based on the study: “If our country began to support Tesla’s charging standards now, we could begin expanding our infrastructure at a much reduced cost, saving $4 billion dollars on projected charging infrastructure spending through 2027.”,, (cost study)


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