The Mobility House finds new US partner in Endera

The Mobility House and Endera have made public their cooperation for managed commercial EV charging. They have already delivered electric shuttles and a smart charging solution to ACE Parking and Aladdin Airport Parking, both servicing the San Diego International Airport, California.

Endera designs and sells commercial electric vehicles and charging stations. The Mobility House brings its energy management system ChargePilot to the cooperation. Usually focused on the DACH region, it is also another step into the US market for TMH.

“We are proud to continue expanding our partnership ecosystem in the US with Endera joining partners like Audi, New Flyer, Nissan and Mercedes Benz,” said The Mobility House US Managing Director Gregor Hintler. “Our projects in San Diego with Endera also mark several milestones for our US team, including our first integration with shuttle EVs and our first Delta charger commissioning.”

ACE Parking’s fleet includes 32 Endera e-shuttle buses that became operational in February at the San Diego Airport. Six DC 50 kW chargers and two Proterra DC 60 kW chargers are now managed by ChargePilot, and ACE Parking estimates saving $16,000 a year versus unmanaged charging.

Aladdin Airport Parking implemented a fleet of eight Endera shuttles, four 50 kW chargers and two Delta 25 kW wall boxes in June with Endera and The Mobility House.

TMH technology controls the charging processes and optimises the use of the available energy power. In addition to charging and fleet management, energy services that extend to the location and facilities can also be offered so that ChargePilot and the underlying EV Aggregation Platform enable The Mobility House customers and partners to integrate electric vehicles into the grid. TMH added the “grid-friendly charging” module for electricity providers and CPOs in May 2021.

The Mobility House now claims to be behind over 800 commercial installations worldwide. More than 250 employees work at Munich, Zurich and Belmont, California offices.


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