Ingka to install 1,000 EV chargers at Ikea stores in Scandinavia


Ingka Group, which owns most Ikea stores, says it will install over a thousand EV charge points at Ikea stores in Sweden and Norway by late 2024. Ikea Sweden will add 700 new charging points and Ikea Norway more than 300 new charging stations.

More than 300 of the incoming charge columns will deliver fast charging, i.e. fully charging an EV in 15-45 minutes. Ingka Group has secured cooperation with Recharge for the installations and only provides the land. The company will also sign responsible for maintenance and operation.

Ingka will make the new charging stations available to customers and employees and charge Ikea’s electric delivery trucks.

For Ikea Sweden, the network expansion will enable EV drivers to travel from Malmö in the south to Haparanda in the north by charging only at Ikea, so Ingka.

“In 2021, we reached our goal to provide access to EV charging stations in all stores where parking is provided,” said Karol Gobczyński, Climate and Energy Leader, Ingka Group. “This new increase in charging infrastructure will support further our customers.”

Ikea itself targets to electrify the delivery fleet by 2025 completely. Currently, the Swedish furniture retailer uses electric trucks from various manufacturers worldwide.

According to an update from Ingka Group, Ikea has deployed last mile home deliveries in 20 markets, including China, Russia, Spain, France, India, and the UK. By 2025, they aim for 100 per cent zero-emission home deliveries in all 32 markets as above.

The Group also pointed to its development work with Renault and MAN to help design the EV trucks they need in Paris and Berlin. In 2021, Ingka invested in DST, one of China’s largest EV operations platforms. (network in Norway & Sweden), (update decarbonisation)


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