Tesla opens paid charging at (some) Destination Chargers


Tesla is enabling paid charging at Destination Chargers, however, the rollout is limited. Operators must have at least six Tesla wall boxes and so far, the function appears to be exclusive to the US market.

Destination Chargers are Tesla version of AC charging (Level 2) and have been established as addition to the company’s proprietary Supercharger DC network. Destination Chargers can typically be found at hotels or restaurants and are run by third-parties. They usually were free to charge.

Tesla upgraded the so-called Wall Connectors in 2020 and told owners at the time that this third generation would offer paid charging.

Fast-forward two years and Tesla has updated its Commercial Registration for Wall Connectors form:

“Tesla Commercial Services can be enabled on Gen3 Tesla Wall Connectors that are connected to either Wi-Fi or Cellular and have a signed Services Agreement with Tesla. A minimum of six units are required to be installed to be considered for this service.”

As Electrek remarks, this will exclude a lot of locations, since many hotels for example only have between two and four Tesla wall boxes.

At the same time, operators may also add more chargers since now they could at least be reimbursed for their electricity costs, or could even charge extra. The function runs through the Tesla app.

Destination Chargers can add about 44 miles (70 km) of range in one hour of charging.

Tesla claims there are more than 35,000 Wall Connectors installed at destinations worldwide.


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