Alpitronic’s hyperchargers pass Plug&Charge audit


Alpitronic’s HYC150 (150 kW) and HYC300 (300 kW) Hyperchargers have successfully passed Hubject’s audit for Plug&Charge and are now fully certified. This means that more than 10,000 already installed Hyperchargers can be retrofitted by the end of 2022.

The start was made by a joint project of Aral Pulse, Alpitronic, has-to-be, DCS and Hubject: September 2021 saw the start of the Plug&Charge rollout at Aral Pulse’s Hyperchargers, and the rollout was completed in March 2022 – since then, all Hyperchargers in the Aral charging network have been equipped with Plug&Charge.

“Plug&Charge has the potential to be implemented on more than 10,000 PnC-ready hyperchargers by the end of this year when rolled out by our partners,” explains Andreas Lastei, Head of Business Development at Alpitronic. The certification by Hubject is an important step forward, he adds. “We believe that PnC will enhance the overall customer experience significantly and thus further contribute to the acceptance of eMobility by the general public,” Lastei added.

“The main motivation to implement PnC on HYC was to offer a convenient and fraud-proof authorization option for charging electric vehicles in the public space, guaranteeing a secure payment process for customers as well as improving the overall usability,” adds Alex Kaneppele, Head of Product Development at Alpitronic.

According to Steffen Rhinow, Head of Plug&Charge at Hubject, many leading car manufacturers, large charging point operators and also EMP are currently in the onboarding process. In other words, provided everything goes smoothly, they will soon also introduce Plug&Charge. “With this amazing growth, Plug&Charge is well on its way to becoming the standard form of authorization for charging EVs,” says Rhinow.

However, it should be noted that Alpitronic’s major customer EnBW will probably not introduce Plug&Charge at its Hyperchargers. EnBW has been critical of Plug&Charge in the past and believes that the solution is too complex. EnBW favours the technically simpler, but from the point of view of Plug&Charge, advocates a more insecure AutoCharge solution.


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