Jaguar Land Rover opens EMC testing lab in the Midlands

Jaguar Land Rover has opened the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) laboratory at Gaydon in the UK. The town already holds JLR’s battery assembly centre. The EMC lab will ensure future vehicles meet current and future legislation and quality standards for connectivity and electronics, said JLR.

Jaguar Land Rover’s new vehicle laboratory features two anechoic chambers. One simulates an electrically ‘quiet’ rolling road that enables engineers to test vehicles at speed and equipment to assess the performance of individual components, such as batteries or electric motors.

As for EMC, this signifies electrical equipment and systems function correctly in an electromagnetic environment.

At Gaydon, JLR will test Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, 4G, 5G, adaptive cruise control, wireless charging and blind spot monitoring for EMC.

EMC testing is crucial for the increasing number of electric powertrains and the range of digital and cloud-based services on vehicles, from Software-Over-The-Air updates to autonomous technology, JLR explains.

It is unclear whether testing will be open to other manufacturers. Aston Martin also sits in Gaydon, and newcomer Britishvolt is not far either.

Jaguar Land Rover’s Reimagine strategy set Jaguar announced as the EV brand. In recent news, Jaguar plans three all-electric SUVs by 2025. The new crossovers will utilise Jaguar’s incoming BEV platform Panthera.

Land Rover will launch six all-electric models in the next five years, the first of which will come in 2024. By the decade’s end, an all-electric variant will be available for all Jaguar Land Rover model ranges.


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