Munro Vehicles secures US sales & leasing with Wyre


Glasgow-based electric heavy-duty 4WD vehicle manufacturer Munro Vehicles has struck a deal with Wyre, a US electric vehicle sales and leasing specialist. The agreement secures exclusive rights for the sale, leasing and distribution of the Scottish-built EV in the US and Canada.

Vehicle production will start in Scotland at a purpose-built factory in East Kilbride at the end of this year ready for shipment in 2023. The first fifty units will be delivered next year, with 500 in 2024 and 2,500 in 2025.

This fully electric 4×4 utility vehicle with what the company says are exceptional off-road capabilities, is designed to carry personnel and equipment across difficult terrain. The price point of the Munro vehicle is around £75,000 (US$ 88,500).

The exclusive agreement between Munroe and Wyre aims to target companies operating in oil and gas, forestry, electricity utilities and even the gold mines of Nevada. Munroe says it’s even possible that production could top 3,000 vehicles by the end of 2025. Should sales exceed factory capacity in Glasgow, the company says that some CKD (completely knocked down) vehicle kits could be shipped to the States for assembly.

UK managing director Rebecca Hansen says, “This an important win for us. The US is a massive market for this type of serious off-roader which Munro Vehicles intend to service by establishing facilities in the States.” She also revealed: “The UK’s electric car salary sacrifice scheme could be easily introduced into the USA and we are now in discussions with a number of companies and organisations to help them bring this forward through lobbying for new US tax regulations. When we explain that a salary boost scheme can save 40% or more on a new electric vehicle, people get interested!”

Earlier this year, Munro Vehicles gathered some £750,000 in seed investment from Elbow Beach Capital, a private investment company focused on sustainable energy, transition technology and social impact businesses.

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