Sep 5, 2022 - 01:41 pm

German tuning company AC Schnitzer revamps the BMW i4 G26

Aachen-based vehicle tuner AC Schnitzer has set its sights on the all-electric BMW i4. The Schnitzer tuning set for the i4 focuses on suspension and design.

AC Schnitzer’s new suspension spring sets from the tuning specialist lower the i4 by 20 to 25 millimetres at the front and rear compared to the standard suspension. The company also wrily notes that the petrol engine and exhaust system could not be improved, “as they are
simply not present”.

Improvements to the handling and agility were made via wheel spacers offered for the front and rear axles, allowing the wheels to be positioned 10 mm further out on each side. This also allows for the standard rims to still be used. In terms of aerodynamics, a number of spoiler elements provide improved handling characteristics. In addition, there are some modifications to the interior, which mainly focus on pedal sets and covers. Costs for the tuning set are not mentioned in the communication.


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