E.On consolidates fleet activities in E.On Drive eTransport

Energy company E.On is bundling all activities around commercial EV fleets in one business unit. E.On Drive eTransport targets market leadership in commercial vehicle charging in Europe by 2025.

While E.On considers battery-electric vehicles to remain “an exception” in the press statement, they also say they were “betting on the future market of e-transport”. The interest of companies and municipalities in electrifying their fleets was growing, so E.On, and was in line with incoming climate targets across the EU.

“It is clear that the EU can only achieve its climate targets if CO2 emissions in transport are drastically reduced,” said Patrick Lammers, COO Commercial at E.On. “With our new positioning, we want to become the leading provider of integrated energy and charging solutions for electric commercial vehicles in Europe in the future.”

The company added that electrification was a key factor for sustainable supply chains and logistics which they wanted to advance further. Even the “still young market of electrically powered construction machinery” is part of the portfolio, so E.On.

In more concrete terms, E.On will utilize its existing network of over 160,000 charging points in Europe and aims to expand it to 200,000 charging points by the end of this year. Commercial vehicle operators may also benefit from “individually designed charging infrastructure and electrification strategies, digital services for organizing and monitoring their electric fleets, as well as 100 per cent green electricity on request,” so the company. The new offer includes all steps from financing and location analysis to grid connection and seamless integration into operations. E.On names wholesale and retail, logistics, local businesses, delivery services, municipalities, passenger and long-haul transport and construction companies as potential customers.

The company adds that they would remain technologically open to offer any client the optimal mobility solution for their respective area of application, and so the new E.On Drive eTransport will also look into hydrogen-based concepts. More details were not provided.



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