Hubject joins ChargeUp Europe charging association


The eRoaming platform provider Hubject has joined the industry association of European charging infrastructure providers ChargeUp Europe as an ecosystem partner. In addition, the association has appointed a new secretary general.

Hubject will not become a full member, however, but a so-called ecosystem partner. “This partnership brings together the key players in the industry to achieve the main common goal: the development of an open, harmonised, pan-European electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVCI) marketplace that facilitates charging for EV drivers and enables them to speak with one voice,” Hubject writes. The association now consists of 24 full members and six ecosystem partners.

Hubject and ChargeUp Europe both believe that for an open market model, interoperability of EVCI must be a key principle, according to the statement. This interoperability depends “on the use of open, freely usable, non-discriminatory protocols and standards that are available to all market participants on equal terms”.

Hubject may not be a full member, but ChargeUp Europe still sees the need to adapt its organisation “to meet the needs of its growing membership and the growing sector”. Therefore, Lucie Mattera was appointed as the association’s first secretary general last week. She has direct work experience in three EU institutions as well as leadership experience in trade and environmental associations. (Mattera)


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