VinFast launches deliveries of the VF 8 in Vietnam


The Vietnamese electric car manufacturer VinFast has started deliveries of its SUV model VF 8. The first 100 units were handed over to customers in Vietnam. The first international customers are scheduled to receive their vehicles in December 2022.

The VF 8 is 4.75 metres long. The battery has a usable energy content of 82 kWh. Depending on the equipment, this results in a range of between 400 and 420 kilometres. The ‘Eco’ model is rated at 260 kW, the VF 8 ‘Plus’ at 300 kW. In addition, the Eco model stands on 19-inch rims, the Plus on 20-inch rims (21 inches optional).

The battery is not part of the vehicle price, but is rented for 120 euros per month. Since 1 September, however, VinFast has also offered the option of buying the battery, although this step was actually only announced for 2024. VinFast does not name the prices for the battery purchase in the current announcement.

“Today’s event marks a turning point for Vietnam’s auto industry,” said Le Thi Thu Thuy, vice-chairman of Vingroup and CEO of VinFas, at the event to mark the delivery of the first vehicles. “In this historic moment, we are extremely happy to deliver the first batch of VF 8 all-electric vehicles to our pioneering customers in Vietnam. And very soon, the enthusiasm will be realized by more than 65,000 pioneering customers world wide.”

VinFast has been preparing the international launch of their electric vehicles for some time, with showrooms in the USA being opened in July, as well as a product diversification to electric scooters being considered. To cater for European markets, VinFast announced the opening of stores in Germany, France and the Netherlands in June. VinFast writes that “after these initial deliveries in Vietnam, VinFast plans to export the next batch of approximately 5,000 VF 8s headed to the US, Canada, and Europe from November. The first international customers are expected to receive their vehicles as early as December 2022.”

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Hello, I am attracted to VinFast EVs. But Selling EV without battery is not a good idea. We are looking for EV suppliers for E. African market.

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