Smart announces prices for the #1


Smart has published first European prices for its electric SUV #1. In Germany, the base model Pro+ starts at €41,490, with three more variants above that. For the UK, pre-orders of the Launch Edition will open in January and are limited to 100 cars. Pre-orders for other models will open in Q2 2023.

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The #1 Premium (from 44,990 euros) and the Brabus offshoot (48,990 euros) are positioned above the #1 Pro+. Between these two variants is the #1 Launch Edition, which starts at 46,290 euros. Smart does not state how long the Launch Edition will be available, but specified that only 100 units of the variants will be available.

But there is new information about the release schedule: Pre-orders for the Smart #1 are to start in other important European markets in October, provided it is a left-hand drive car. Right-hand drive markets, such as the UK, will follow in 2023. According to Smart, the first cars will be delivered to customers at the beginning of 2023, which means that the #1 will only be eligible for the environmental bonus valid from 2023 – and will no longer be able to benefit from the higher subsidy rates for registration in 2022.

From January, customers in the UK will also be able to order the Launch Edition of the #1 as a right-hand drive car, but only 100 examples will be available, as mentioned above. The other three trims should be available to order from Q2 2023, with deliveries promised from Q3.

Smart had unveiled the production version of the #1 in April. The vehicle (apart from the brand name) no longer has anything in common with the familiar small cars. Smart will prioritize production of the #1 over their older compact EVs as well. The #1 is based on Geely’s SEA platform and is an impressive 4.27 metres long. The electric drive unit has an output of 200 kW, the 66 kWh battery provides up to 440 kilometres WLTP range.

“The upcoming start of pre-orders also marks the launch of our direct sales approach,” says Dirk Adelmann, CEO Smart Europe. “Now our customers can choose the #1 Line that best suits their needs and decide for themselves in which form they want to own or use the vehicle. With this flexibility, we not only want to move our industry forward, but especially to shape our customers’ everyday lives in a positive and sustainable way.”

In the new Smart home market China, the company already started deliveries of the #1 a few days ago in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Changsha and Hefei. In China, the #1 is available at prices starting at 194,200 yuan (28,055 euros), but in the Pure+ trim, which is not available in Europe. The #1 Pro+ is available in China from 209,200 yuan, which currently corresponds to 30,220 euros.

Update 26 April 2023

Smart has revealed UK specifications and pricing for the Smart #1. The all-electric compact SUV will launch on the UK market later this summer and starts at prices from £35,950. On launch, the Smart #1 is to be initially available in three production variants: Pro+, Premium and BRABUS, as well as the previously-mentioned, highly exclusive Launch Edition.

“We are very proud of what we achieved with the Smart #1,” said David Browne, CEO, smart UK. “From the exceptional standard specification of the entry-level Pro+, which offers features usually associated with luxury cars, to the incredible performance of BRABUS, which leaves purpose-built sports cars trailing in its wake. We look forward to the media and public alike getting to experience the entire #1 line-up as we build toward our full market launch later this summer.”,, (update)


about „Smart announces prices for the #1“
29.09.2022 um 14:31
Bit sad, isn't it? Just as the market is crying out for small affordable EVs Smart release this metoo nonentity at close to twice the price of a MG. All the brand equity gone in a flash. I wouldn't like to be trying to shift one.
David Livingston
21.11.2022 um 13:35
well said still we wait :-(

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