‘4EVER Trophy’ – concept e-SUV to revive Renault 4


Renault has brought the all-electric ‘4EVER Trophy’ to the Paris Motor Show. The concept car in off-road style previews the incoming series compact electric SUV, which the French manufacturer hopes will revive the Renault 4 in 2025.

Says Renault: “R4 is a car that everyone can love, and today we want to rediscover this universal dimension through a modern and electric reinterpretation.” The idea had been gathering momentum in early 2021.

The French brand sold the Renault 4 around eight million times from the 1960s to the 1980s. Since the original was known as exceptionally reliable and durable, the study also relies on a decidedly robust appearance. The powerfully flared wheel arches and the sills all around are made of black plastic, which looks more like utility and off-road use than a city car.

However, from the known drive characteristics, the compact E-SUV is more likely to be found in city centres than in the vast desert or steep mountains. There is no all-wheel drive; the synchronous motor has an output of 100 kW. The lithium-ion battery, which has an energy content of 42 kWh, is unlikely to provide top values for range given the rather poor aerodynamics – even though Renault does not state this for the study. However, the 42 kWh could offer a realistic outlook for the upcoming production model (at least in the base).

However, some of the study’s dimensions are less realistic: the plastic protectors overhang the actual wheel arch by a whopping 20 centimetres. Since the 4EVER Trophy is designed as an off-road vehicle, it has large off-road tyres and an overall height of 1.90 metres. However, since the car is only as long as a Renault Clio at 4.06 metres, smaller overall size is likely for the production model an SUV instead of an off-road vehicle). Off-road features of the study (such as a compressor for each wheel that can be operated from the inside to adjust the air pressure off-road) will probably not make it into series production either. The carbon-fibre roof is also unlikely to be available in this segment for cost reasons.

After the Renault 5 Prototype, the 4EVER Trophy is the second Renault electric vehicle to be launched as part of the Renaulution strategic plan, inspired by an icon of the brand. Following on from its previous digital premieres, Renault will also be showing in Paris the R5 Turbo 3E battery electric show car, the Hippie Caviar Motel electric leisure vehicle study and the Scenic Vision concept car with combined battery/fuel cell propulsion. The electric passenger car variant of the new Renault Kangoo, which was presented a few days ago, will also celebrate its trade fair premiere.

Hyvia, the joint venture between Renault and Plug Power, is showing the production version of the Master H2-Tech, which was presented as a near-production prototype a year ago, as well as the already-known prototypes of the Master City Bus H2-Tech and Master Platform Chassis H2-Tech at the Paris Motor Show. The technical specifications of the Master H2-Tech from the Paris show correspond to those of the prototype: It has a 33-kWh battery and a 30-kW fuel cell. The capacity of the four hydrogen tanks, however, is now 6.4 instead of six kilograms. The electric motor has an output of 57 kW.

With only five minutes of refuelling time, the van is supposed to have a range of 400 kilometres. Previously, it aimed for a market launch in 2022. In Paris, however, Hyvia states that orders are possible for 2023. Hyvia does not mention prices, however.

With reporting by Sebastian Schaal., (4Ever), (Hyvia)


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