Stellantis debuts all-electric Jeep Avenger

Jeep presented its first BEV model at the Paris Motor Show. The electric Jeep is due for launch in Europe in early 2023. The spec largely follows other Stellantis models, but the Group has yet to set a price despite accepting pre-orders for the ‘1st Edition’ Jeep Avenger.

The Jeep Avenger is a compact SUV powered by the second-gen 400-volt electric drive, the first result of Stellantis’ joint venture with Nidec. The Jeep uses a 115 kW electric motor and a 54 kWh battery. These are the same parameters as the Peugeot e-308, e-208 and DS 3 E-Tense – the latter two models will be updated for this purpose, while Stellantis will launch the e-308 and its station wagon offshoot with this drive generation right from the start.

The battery pack consists of 17 modules and 102 cells with NMC-811 chemistry and delivers a range of 400 kilometres in the combined WLTP cycle. Of the 54 kWh gross energy content, 50.8 kWh is usable. The battery can be charged with up to 100 kW DC. In the announcement, Jeep gives the charging time of the Avenger at 24 minutes, charging from an unusual 20 – 80%. Other Stellantis models usually take 30 minutes for the standard ten to 80 per cent charge. The AC charging power is 11 kW.

With a length of 4.08 metres, the Avenger has been developed “specifically for the needs of European customers”. Jeep is mainly targeting the fast-growing B-SUV segment. In terms of size, the Avenger has been positioned as a new entry-level model, as it is another 16 centimetres shorter than the Renegade.

Both models share Stellantis’ Common Modular Platform at their core, even though the Avenger relies on the derived e-CMP for electric cars. Nevertheless, they are built in different plants: The Renegade is produced (at most as a PHEV) in Melfi, Italy, but the Avenger comes off the production line at Stellantis’ Tychy plant in Poland. An electric Fiat model based on the Centoventi study could also follow there.

With the e-CMP, it is also clear: the Avenger will only have front-wheel drive because an electric all-wheel drive with a second electric motor on the rear axle is not planned for this platform. Jeep thus also emphasises that the Avenger is the first front-wheel drive vehicle to feature the brand’s “Selec-Terrain” technology and hill descent control as standard – this is where the Avenger is said to differ from other e-CMP models such as the Opel Mokka-e or Peugeot e-2008. The “Selec-Terrain” system offers six driving modes; in addition to the road modes “Normal”, “Eco”, and “Sport”, there are also unique settings for driving on snow, in sand or in mud.

So far, unusual for the e-CMP models, which also had a clear road focus as an SUV, are the following specifications: With a ground clearance of 200 millimetres, the Avenger is said to offer the best value in the class, and the slope angles (20° front, 32° rear) are also said to be “excellent”. The model offers short overhangs front and rear, which makes such slope angles possible. As Jeep points out, this is not only “indispensable for off-road driving, but also useful in city life, for example, when driving up a steep parking ramp”.

The Jeep Avenger has the other models’ familiar assistance systems and connectivity features. All versions have an infotainment system, and the touchscreen is seven or 10.25 inches, depending on the trim. Speaking of size, the boot holds 380 litres.

The well-equipped Jeep Avenger ‘1st Edition’ can be reserved until 30 November. However, the final prices of the special model and the following standard equipment are not yet known.


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