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Opel launches design contest for teenage BEV


Opel wants to build a very special one-off of the battery-electric Rocks-e. The light vehicle enables young drivers from the age of 15 to enter the world of individual electric mobility – which is why Opel is now inviting up-and-coming artists around the globe to create their own individual Rocks-e design concept.

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The Rocks-e-Design Hack is a social media contest aimed at young creatives. Non-professional talents and design students between the ages of 18 and 27 can submit design drafts and Opel will build the winning design as a Rocks-e one-off vehicle line.

“The Rocks-e Design Challenge is a unique way for a young audience to engage with Opel. The participatory design contest will also generate additional awareness and enthusiasm for the unique Rocks-e,” said Mark Adams, Vice President Design.

Update 06 December 2022

The design competition launched by Opel for a very special one-off version of the Rocks-e light electric vehicle has come to an end. The winner is Lukas Wenzhöfer, who comes from Hünfelden in Hesse and studies at the University of Design in Pforzheim. With his interpretation of the Opel Rocks-e as an all-terrain electric fun-mobile “Rocks e-xtreme”, he has convinced the whole company, as Opel writes.

Opel will build the winning design as a one-off. Opel will continue to accompany the entire development process of the “Rocks e-xtreme” via its social media channels.

Update 23 June 2023

Opel has built the Rocks e-XTREME as a one-off. The special single-unit series Rocks-e BEV light vehicle is the result of a design competition, from which a design by Lukas Wenzhöfer emerged as the winner. Now Opel has kept its word and turned the tiny electric vehicle into reality., (update), (update II)


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