Evia Aero to purchase 25 electric aircraft from Eviation


Electric aircraft manufacturer Eviation Aircraft has received a letter of intent from Germany for 25 battery-electric feeder aircraft. Evia Aero, which is developing a sustainable regional airline, intends to use Eviation’s Alice electric aircraft.

The airline intends to use Alice as its primary aircraft for sustainable point-to-point regional flights within Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands. The agreement is Eviation’s first order for feeder aircraft in Germany, it said in the statement.

Evia Aero is focusing on the entire chain of electric aviation, from power generation to flight operations. The company also wants to generate electricity regionally with PV systems. The business model should significantly improve the carbon footprint of airport infrastructure and revitalise less frequented routes, according to the goal.

The Alice is an aircraft developed from the ground up as an electric aircraft, which made its maiden flight in September. For this, Eviation is using magniX’s electric propulsion system. The promise: Operating costs per flight hour are said to be a “fraction” compared to light jets or high-end turboprop aircraft, which is why (in theory) even less frequented routes can be served economically.

Evia Aero intends to use the passenger version for nine passengers for its regional flights. Eviation also has an order for the cargo variant:  DHL Express has ordered twelve electric cargo planes.

When exactly Evia Aero plans to take delivery of the 25 aircraft, what they will cost and when the first commercial e-flight will be offered is not clear from the announcement. “Together with Eviation, a pioneer of electric flight, we will introduce a fleet of zero-emission aircraft that will transform the way we experience regional travel in Europe,” says Florian Kruse, founder and CEO of Evia Aero. “We are deeply committed to holistically transforming the aviation industry by implementing a complete cycle of local energy generation, storage, and flight operations.”

In an interview with the German aviation trade portal in April, Kruse had stated that they wanted to “revive the formerly well-functioning business model of regional flight in Germany and Europe within the next five years”. There was no more precise statement on the timetable at the time – only the announcement that electric aircraft would be ordered this year. Strictly speaking, the agreement with Eviation is only a letter of intent. But there is still time to order binding aircraft in 2022.

“The creation of an all-electric European commuter fleet of Alice aircraft will drive the move towards an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable future for flying,” said Gregory Davis, Eviation’s president and CEO. “Evia Aero underscores the commitment of German companies to revolutionise air travel. Together we can create a future where electric flying is the standard for the next generation.”, (in German, interview)


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